Sewing Inspiration

Hello Everyone!

To get my sewing and pattern inspiration back, I decided to try someone else’s pattern and make something for me. Except for some mask sewing I haven’t really been sewing for the past six months. Mostly due to moving house in strict lockdown.

I came across The Harris Tote and Clutch Wallet on the new Craftsy. The pattern is from Spencer Ogg Sewing Patterns. It was a fairly easy pattern that I enjoyed making over two evenings.

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Sara’s Tote Bag

Hello Everyone!

My daughter Sara wanted me to make her a tote bag that was a bit bigger and sturdier to use for uni. The bag measures 17″ x 14″ and is 4″ deep at the bottom. That is a very good size for some books and a laptop.

She likes things with cactus plants and flamingos at the moment. I had a cotton duck fabric with printed cactus plants and I bought a small piece of grey vinyl that I used for the bottom of the bag and the handles. I didn’t have any suitable fabric with flamingos so I used a “flamingo pink” cotton fabric for lining.

The bag has a magnetic button and on the inside there is a small pocket with a zipper for smaller things like keys or a phone.



To keep the bag sturdy I used bag foam which I haven’t used that much but it was easy to work with. The handles were sturdy enough by folding the vinyl  twice.

It is a very easy bag to make and I intend to make a tutorial in the near future and upload it to my tutorials page.

Until next time, happy sewing and take care.



Tote Handbag

Hello Everyone!

I have a new pattern in my Etsy shop, you can find it here. This is my entry in the Emkie Designs Mystery Bag Challenge.

It is the first time I participate in anything like this. Part of the challenge was to choose at least 3 items from a mystery list to be included in the entry. I chose five items. So that’s the reason this bag includes more hardware than my designs usually do.

The handles have boning inside to make them really stiff. I have also used a turn lock as the bag closure and rivets  to secure the handles to the bag.

On the inside I have used a zipper for a secure pocket and a swivel hook to keep the keys safe and easy to find in the bag.


To keep the bag sturdy I have used  medium weight fusible woven interfacing on the outer fabric and then iron on batting on top of that. On the lining I have used light weight fusible woven interfacing.

I am really happy with how it turned out, especially the boning in the handles and the rivets.

Until next time happy sewing and take care!



Schlep Bag

Sclep Bag I

Hello Everyone,

I came across a couple of schlep bags a while back and decided to make one. I found a free pattern here from Heirloom Creations. I made the outer bag and the handles according to the pattern from some forgotten fat 1/4’s I had in my fabric stash. But I added the batting to the outer bag instead of the lining. I also didn’t piece the lining, instead I cut out  two 20″ squares from cotton fabric. Read More