Rolled Hem Alternative

Rolled Hem I

Hello Everyone,

I am working on a couple of patterns at the moment and a skirt tutorial that will be ready in a couple of days. In the meantime I thought I would share a nice way to do a hem if the fabric is sheer or thin. A rolled hem on an overlocker is always nice but if you don’t have one this is a good option. The blue and white hems in the picture is a rolled hem made on an overlocker and the black and white fabric is this version.

Fold and press a hem so the garment is about 3mm or 1/8″longer than you want it. Stitch as close to the folded edge as possible. Then cut the folded bit off, close to the seam. Make sure not to cut the stitches or the skirt. Fold the little hem one more time and stitch on top of the original seam.

Rolled Hem II

Rolled Hem III

Until next time Happy Sewing and take care!