Magic Cube Pouch

Hello Everyone 😊

What have you been up to lately? Spring is finally here in Australia. We had a couple of warm days last week and the days are slightly longer.

I have been making magic pouches or sometimes they are called cube pouches. When you open them up, you can easily see what’s in the case. It is like a tray for pencils/ make up or whatever you are using the pouch for.

There are plenty of tutorials online, and all of them had seams covered with binding. There is nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t look very nice when I make it that way. Maybe I would get better at it with practice, but I usually try to find a way to make the project without exposed seams.

I have made five of these pouches in the past week in different sizes. I have included templates for three sizes. I love figuring out the maths behind the sewing to make different sizes in these kind of projects. I’ve done that before with these box pouches, I just wasn’t as good at using Adobe Illustrator back then.

I hope you enjoy this free pattern and templates.

Happy sewing and take care!