100 blog posts in 5 years

Hello Everyone!

This is a very special post. I have been blogging for five years and this is my 100th post. So I guess I am not posting very often but do my best to make the posts enjoyable reading.
A lot of sewing has happened during these five years of course, I am much better at making patterns and my Etsy shop is going really well. My bestselling pattern is my Laptop / Tablet Case PDF Sewing Pattern and you can read about it here.

My most read posts are the tutorial for headphone pouch without a zipper and my sons stethoscope case. These are free tutorials that you can find on my tutorials page and download as PDFs and print. There is also other free patterns/tutorials you can find there. Why don’t you have a look? You can find it here or in the menu.

My most pinned project is a bag I made for my daughter’s cosplay costume. It’s he top left picture above and you can read all about it here.

When we moved house in July last year I went through all my fabrics, threads etc to clear out and pack up for moving. I found two unfinished projects that I decided it was time to finish. One was a quilt that I started back in 2018 and I am finally quilting it. It has been a while since I made a big quilt. You can read the post I wrote when I started it here. This picture is from when I started quilting it last night.

This is my first attempt at free motion quilting on a large quilt.
…and this is the night before last.

The other project I decided to finish when we moved a was crocheted hexagon quilt. You can read about it here.

This is the finished throw.

In addition to moving out of the big city and closer to the beach last year, my kids have all finished high school during these five years. Only my youngest is still living at home now.
I am also working part time as a bookkeeper which I enjoy but creating with fabric and yarn is my passion. I consider myself very fortunate and there will be more patterns and blog posts. Thank you for reading my posts and buying my patterns. I am very grateful.

Take care and happy sewing!


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