Valentine Gift Pouch

Hello Everyone!

It is already end of January and I have made a tutorial on how to make the gift pouch in the picture. I am continuing the theme from my last post right before Christmas with the gift card wallet tutorial. You can find both the tutorials on my tutorials page. I think it makes a gift extra special if you put in some effort into giving it too. The necklace in the picture I got from my husband for Christmas.

It is a really easy and quick project. You can download it here too. You will need enough scraps for two 7″ (18 cm) circles and two 3″ (8 cm) heart shapes, a 20″ (50 cm) thin cord or ribbon and some beads with a hole that is big enough to fit both ends of the cord/ribbon. The tutorial includes templates for the circle and heart shapes.

The heart is also a little pocket to keep small things in place or a chain from becoming knotty etc.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day and get to spend it with someone special to you.

Until next time happy sewing and take care!


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