Gift Card Wallet

Hello Everyone!

Christmas is almost here. It is a busy time of the year for many of us. Here in Australia it is also the end of the school year with graduations and end of year event.

A very common present is a gift card, at least in our family. This project is a little wallet that can be made in an hour or two. It is a personalised way of giving a gift card and great scrap project. I have made two here in Christmas fabric, but of course you can use them all year around for birthdays etc and make them in any kind of fabric.

I have made a free tutorial that you can download from my tutorials page and here. It is a very simple tutorial and a great beginners project.

The wallet is finished off by topstitching the sides and top edge. I use the presser foot that is ment to be used for blind hemming when top stitching close to an edge like this. Just move the needle to a left position and place the guide in the middle against the edge of the fabric. This works well for me if it is not too many layers. The blind hemming foot comes with the machines usually.

Move the needle to the left and use the blind hemming foot when topstitching.

I wish you all a very happy holiday season, I hope you get to celebrate with friends and family, maybe you have time for sewing too. Take care!


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