Cushion Cover with Invisible Zipper

Hello Everyone,

I have made two cushion/pillow covers for my daughters new sofa this week and a couple of weeks ago I made two for myself. Such an easy way to freshen up a room with some new colours or a new look. These cushion covers are made with invisible zippers. I put zippers in a lot of my projects but I haven’t used invisible zippers more than a couple of times. I recently got a presser foot for invisible zippers which made it easier but a normal zipper foot works too.

You need:
2 – 19″ squares of fabric, e.g. quilting cotton
2 – 19″ squares of woven interfacing
1 – 16″ invisible zipper
1 – 20″ pillow insert
Sewing machine with invisible zipper foot and/or normal zipper foot
General sewing supplies

Iron interfacing to the back of the fabric according to the manufacturers instructions. Overlock or zigzag the edges.

Open the zipper and place it face down on the right side of the fabric. Centre it along the edge that you want the zipper. If you are using a normal zipper foot, unroll the zipper coil with your fingers and press open with a medium hot iron before pinning it. Place the zipper coil in the groove on the invisible zipper foot (see picture) and the zipper foot will unroll the coil and the stitching will be very close to the zipper teeth. Stitch as close as possible with a normal zipper foot. Stitch from top of the zipper to as close as possible to the zipper pull.

Close the zipper and match up the middle point of the other side of the zipper to the middle point of the edge of the second piece of fabric. Stitch as the first side of the zipper but use the other groove on the invisible zipper foot. The invisible zipper is finished.

Close the zipper half way and pin the back and front of the cushions with right sides together. Stitch with a normal zipper foot and a 1/2″ seam allowance. Start and end the seam a couple of stitches before the zipper seam ends and begins.

Turn the cushion cover to the right side through the zipper opening and press. Insert the pillow insert through the zipper opening. Close the zipper and your are done! There is two cushion cover tutorials on my tutorials page where I used a normal zippers. You can also download them here.

Until next time, happy sewing and take care!


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