Quick Scrap Fabric Project

Hello Everyone,

I don’t sew clothes that often anymore. But like everyone else I have a lot of scrap fabric, and summer dress fabrics like thin cotton, rayon and similar is excellent to make headbands from. I came across this headband tutorial from Gingercake Patterns.

I only made a couple of changes to the original tutorial. Sew the wide part of the headband into a tube by stitching the long edges, right sides together, and then turn it right sides out. Press the seam to one side and stitch the gathering stitches on the short ends. With the smaller part that has the elastic inside it, fold the short edges before stitching the long edges together.

It is a very quick project and great for using scraps from dress making. Great gift to make if you don’t have much time for sewing or if you haven’t been sewing for a while, since it is a quick way to get back in to it. I hope you enjoy this project and I will do my best to post a bit more often than I have lately.

Happy Sewing and take care!


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