The Anything Pouch

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Here is a great sewing project for the weekend ahead. A zipper pouch that can made in any size and colour, and that can be used for a lot of different things. Here is a tutorial for two different sizes, the make up bag measures 8 1/2″ x 6″ and the coin purse 4 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ when finished.


Make Up Bag:

  • 2 pieces – 6 ¾” x 9” – outer fabric
  • 2 pieces – 6 ¾” x 9” – lining fabric
  • 2 pieces – 6 ¼” x 8 ½” – iron on thin batting
  • 2 pieces – 6 ¼” x 8 ½” – iron on woven interfacing
  • 1 zipper – 8” or longer, vinyl, 1” wide
  • 1 piece – ca 5” – thin ribbon for zipper pull (optional)

Coin Purse/Keychain:

  • 2 pieces – 4 ¼” x 5” – outer fabric
  • 1 piece – 2” x 2” – outer fabric (tab for swivel hook)
  • 2 pieces – 4 ¼” x 5” – lining fabric
  • 2 pieces – 3 ¾” x4 ½” – iron on thin batting
  • 2 pieces – 3 ¾” x4 ½” – iron on woven interfacing
  • 1 zipper – 5” or longer, vinyl, 1” wide
  • 1 swivel hook – ½” width

Batting is not necessary if the outer fabric is thick like canvas or pleather.
If using fabric that doesn’t fray like pleather for the coin purse, cut the tab piece 2” x 1”.
Iron on batting to outer fabric pieces and interfacing to lining pieces. Remember to not iron on pleather, vinyl, velvet and similar material. Glue baste or sew in batting or interfacing instead.

Cut one outer piece and one lining piece lengthwise, 1 ½” (make up bag) or 1” (coin purse) from one long edge. If using a directional print, measure from the top edge. Mark the middle point on all long sides of these four pieces.

Sandwich the zipper between the two skinny pieces, with middle points matching on one side. The outer fabric with right side towards the front of zipper and the right side of the lining fabric towards the back of the zipper. Be mindful of directional print and which side the zipper pull is placed on.

Stitch with a ¼” seam allowance. Fold fabric away from the zipper and press. Topstitch close to the seam.

Repeat for the bottom edge of the zipper with the remaining two pieces.

Tab for coin purse:

Tab for coin purse:
Fold the 2” square in half, wrong sides together, fingerpress and unfold. Fold the two parallel raw edges in towards the crease and refold the first fold. The tab should be ½” wide. Top stitch on both long edges. Put the tab through the swivel hook, fold and baste raw edges together.
Place on top of the right side of the zipper with the raw edges even with the edge of the zipper panel. Place it on the side from which the zipper opens.
Move the zipper pull out of the way to the middle of the zipper. Baste the tab to the zipper panel a scant ¼” from the edge.
If using pleather, fold a ¼” on both long edges and topstitch close to folded edges.

Place the uncut lining piece with the right side facing up. Place the zipper panel with the outer fabric facing up, on top of the lining piece. Make sure the zipper is half open.
Baste the pieces together with a scant ¼” seam allowance. Stitch slowly over the zipper to avoid needle breakage. Basting these two layers together first makes it a lot easier when turning to the right side, after the next step.

With the zipper still half open, place the uncut outer piece on top of the zipper panel with right sides towards the zipper. Stitch with a ¼” seam allowance, leaving a 2”- 3” opening on the bottom edge.

Cut of the corners and trim the zipper even with the edges if necessary.

Turn to the right side through the opening and push out all corners and seams. Fold in seam allowances in the opening and press. Avoid putting the iron straight on top of the zipper. Slip stitch the opening closed by hand. Attach ribbon to zipper pull.

Your Anything Pouch is finished, enjoy!

It is easy to change the size, cut the outer fabric and lining pieces 1/2″ – 3/4″ larger than the desired finished size. Replace batting with bag foam if made in to a pouch for tablet/phone for extra protection. There are many possibilities. You can download the tutorial as a pdf from my tutorials page or here.
Until next time, happy sewing and take care!


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