Hermione Granger Style Bag

Hello Everyone!

My youngest daughter is a very big Harry Potter fan and seems to know every detail about the topic. In a couple of weeks she is going to Oz Comic-Con here in Melbourne in a Hermione Granger costume and asked me to make her the beaded bag.

I did a bit of research and the blog Finding My Way gave me a lot of inspiration on how to make it.

I have made a tutorial and a pattern that you can download from my tutorials page or use the links. This is my version of the bag and not a replica.

It is a quite easy tutorial and one of those projects where you can play around with materials and embellishments. In addition to cotton fabric I used scraps of velvet and satin. For embellishments I used a braided ribbon and black seed beads and also the decorative stitches on my sewing machine which I usually don’t use very often. I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

Until next time happy sewing and take care!


4 thoughts to “Hermione Granger Style Bag”

  1. Hello. I was wondering if you could do a post about how to add a pocket or two inside this wonderful “little” bag. I would love to make one, but really prefer to have my phone in a separate pocket that the rest of the things I usually carry with me.
    Thanks. – Alex

    1. Thank you, very good suggestion, I will definitely do a post on how to insert an inside pocket for this bag.

      1. Thank you. I will patiently await you post. Hermione is my favorite female character, can’t wait to make her bag!

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