Small Backpack and Fabric Shopping

Hello Everyone!

This past week I made a small backpack out of a fat quarter pack. I used 4 fat quarters with different prints in grey and pink and 2 plain fat quarters for lining.

I am especially happy with the straps, they turned out very good. The top part of the straps are wider and tapers off to the same width as the straps, this wider part has a foam stabilizer and a seam in the middle through all the layers to keep it in place.
I have used a 1″ strap adjuster that is very easy to find in the shops. It is the only hardware except for two zippers.

This bag will definitely become a pattern in the future but it needs a little more testing and work before that happens.

I also went fabric shopping last Friday for a couple of hours. I got some wonderful fabrics as you can see in the images below. I had lunch out with my husband and after that we drove to the beach and went for a walk. Only surfers in the water though since it is winter here in Australia now. A very nice day!Until next time happy sewing and take care.


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