Tumbling Block Quilt Top Finished


I have finished the Tumbling Block Quilt I started a couple of months ago and I in a previous post I wrote about how I made each block.

I sewed the 187 blocks into 7 rows of 13 blocks and 8 rows of 12 blocks. Making sure each block is turned the same way of course.


Then I sewed the rows together alternating the 12 block and 13 block rows. Starting and ending with a 12 block row.


And as before I sewed each little seam separate, starting and stopping each seam 1/4″ from the edge and secure each end. Keeping the seam allowances out of the way to avoid bulky seams.


I pressed the seams the same direction around each point and then “fanned out” the seam allowances for minimum bulk. For example in the picture around the point where 6 diamond shapes meet the seam allowances are pressed clock wise and around the point where 3 diamond shapes meet the seam allowances are pressed anti clock wise.


This is the finished quilt top. It measures 47″ (120cm) x 44″ (112cm). The question now is how to quilt it and what to use for batting. It is going to Sweden as a birthday present so I want it to be warm.


I would love to get some comments. Until next time happy sewing and take care!




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