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Tumbling 8

Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a good week. I did, I went to the Craft & Quilt Fair in Melbourne that was on this weekend. Lots of lovely creations to look at and very easy to spend money.

I have also this past few days started to work on a tumbling block quilt. It is going to be a birthday present later on this year. At first I started with English paper piecing, but decided that was to time consuming for me, so I have been piecing the blocks with the sewing machine. I has worked very well because I have been marking the seam line on every piece.

Tumbling 9I am using a Moda Layer Cake that I have had for years. I cut 2 3/8″ strips from¬† three layers and then I use my template to cut it in to diamonds. I use a 60 degree 2″ diamond template.

Tumbling 1It is important to have one dark, one medium and one light colour when doing tumbling blocks to get the 3D effect. I marked every seam line. Where the lines intersect is where the seams start and stop.

Tumbling 2It is just tree seams in each block. Just make sure you place the colours the same way on all the blocks. This is seam one.

Tumbling 3This is how it looks after seam one.

Tumbling 4This is seam two.

Tumbling 5This is seam three.

Tumbling 7This is the back and front of the finished block. Press the seam allowances in the same direction, clock wise or anti clock wise, and open up the middle point for minimum bulk.

Tumbling 6Like I said before, it is very important that you dont sew all the way to edge of the fabric. Stop and start where the lines intersect.

I will write more about how it turns out later on. So far I have made 35 blocks but I am going to need 166 for a lap size quilt. The birthday is not until november so I am sure I will have enough time.

Until next time, Happy Sewing and take care.





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