Winter School Holidays

Hello Everyone!

It is winter school holidays here in Australia so I haven’t done as much sewing as I usually do. My two youngest are in high school now and I like spending time with them. And they seem to like spending time with me.

Fabric Shopping

We did some fabric shopping  and my youngest daughter made a dress. Her first try at making clothes for herself. It is great that she is interested in sewing too.

Johanna's Dress

She used a pattern from a book that we picked up at a book sale earlier this year that is called “Learn To Sew” by Tessa Evelegh. The instructions were a bit complicated, but we made a couple of changes and it turned out great. She did all the cutting and sewing herself.

Mormor's Cushions

I have also done two cushion covers for a birthday gift. You can find a tutorial on my tutorials page on how to make these.

Until next time, Happy Sewing and take care!


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