More Raw Edge Applique

20160223_231209892_iOSHello everyone, I hope you had a nice week.
My last post was about raw edge applique and to continue on that subject I would like to show you a Winding Ways Quilt that I made in 2011 for one of my girls. It’s lucky I put labels on my quilts, I wouldn’t remember otherwise.
20160224_001133806_iOSI used an 8″ template set and started out piecing the quilt. It was very time consuming and didn’t look as nice as I wanted it to look. 20160223_230551901_iOSSo I decided to applique the four “triangles” (template A) on a 8 1/2″ background block and alternating the two colours. I used fusible web and a machine blanket stitch.
I think it turned out alright. What do you think?

Until next time Happy Sewing and take care!

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