Sewing Birthday Presents

Hello Everyone,
This week I have been working on birthday presents for a friend and for a family member.

I made a box zipper pouch for my daughter’s friend Alex’s 19th. I used the pattern that you can find in this blogpost. This pouch was supposed to be a cube and and you can find the measurements/pattern piece  here if you’re printing on A4 or here for printing on US letter size.

The pouch measures 3.5” on all sides when finished. This size was a little bit tricky with this pattern, where there is no exposed seams. If you like to make the pouch with an easier pattern you can just download the measurements/pattern piece and use any pattern you want.

These reversible mug rugs is for my sister’s birthday in October. I used the pattern on my tutorials page. All the patterns there are free. I did omit the appliqués this time. I’ve written two blogposts about this pattern. You can find them here and here. They are very easy to make and are a great way to use those appealing coordinated fat quarter packs. Three fat quarters is enough to make four mug rugs, one for the front, one for the back and one for binding.

I love being able to sew presents, they are unique and personal. My daughter put earrings in the pouch for her friend and I’m sending Melbourne Breakfast Tea (black tea with vanilla flavour) with the mug rugs.
Speaking of Melbourne, spring is finally here and my garden is getting colourful. Until next time, happy sewing and take care!

Mini Scrap Sewing Projects

Hello Everyone,

Lately I have been playing around with my scraps while deciding what my next big project is going to be and what direction I want to go with my sewing.

I think it’s fun with scrap projects. The keyring/zipper pouch in the picture is made with cut off corners from pencilcases  I made earlier in the year.

It is a simple zipper pouch that’s 2″x2″ with boxed bottom corners and a tab with a 1″ split ring.

The two mini baskets in the picture above is made from corners cut off from boxed zipper pouches I made last year. They are about 2″x2″ in the base and 1″-1 1/4″ in height. I have made the lining 1/2″ higher so it “wraps” around the top edge and looks like a binding.

Until next time Happy Sewing and Take Care!


Velvet Clutch/Handbag

Hello Everyone,

I am going to make a hand bag for my daughter’s best friend’s 18th birthday. She wants a bag made out of velvet so I decided to make a  smaller test project to see how it is to work with. I made a larger clutch/handbag with a detachable chain. It measures 11″ x  8″ and I boxed the bottom corners just 1 inch.

It is made like a large zipper pouch, just like this coin purse that you can find on my tutorials page or here. The pieces are bigger and I added pockets to the lining pieces. I also added two tabs with D-rings in the lining side seams to attach the chain. It is important that it is a little opening on each end of the zipper ends for the chain to go through.

When I boxed the corners I sewed the lining and outside bag corners together. That is a great way to keep the lining in place.

The velvet I used is quite thin so I ironed on thin batting. It is important to use a tea towel or similar to protect both batting, velvet and the iron. I used a light weight fusible woven interfacing on the lining. This worked very well for this project.

Considering it is a  test project I think it turned out very well. My daughter said she wanted to use the bag on Saturday night. That is a big compliment to me!

Happy sewing and take care!