BGL Meter Case

BGL meter case I A

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I finished another unusual sewing project, I made a new case for my daughter Sara’s blood glucose meter. She has had type 1 diabetes since she was four years old, she is 17 now. I love it when one of my kids asks me to make something for them.

It turned out pretty good. She chose a denim print for the outer fabric and a pink polka dot fabric for the lining. She also told me what features she wanted, like a handle.

BGL meter case III A

I had a medium woven interfacing on the outer fabric and a thin batting on the lining. I also had interfacing on the inside pockets.
I sewed the outside, lining and zipper together in one seam and covered the seam with bias tape. One of the pockets are gathered at the bottom and has elastic in the top edge.

A big advantage of a homemade one is that it can be washed in the washing machine. A good thing, since it goes everywhere with her.

After one day of using it, she is very happy with it.

If anyone is interested, I will make a pattern and a tutorial here on the blog. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Happy sewing and take care!


Minky Quilt

Minky Quilt I
Hello Everyone,

Last year I made quilt in minky fabric for my daughter, on her request. We found two lovely pieces of minky fabric at a craft show that we bought just because they were wonderful, soft and the right colours. We got it out again last week because the nights are getting a bit chilly here in Melbourne this time of the year. Read More

Schlep Bag

Sclep Bag I

Hello Everyone,

I came across a couple of schlep bags a while back and decided to make one. I found a free pattern here from Heirloom Creations. I made the outer bag and the handles according to the pattern from some forgotten fat 1/4’s I had in my fabric stash. But I added the batting to the outer bag instead of the lining. I also didn’t piece the lining, instead I cut out  two 20″ squares from cotton fabric. Read More

Card Trick Quilt Block

Hello Everyone,

One of my favourite quilt blocks is the the Card Trick block. My second wall hanging I did nearly 20 years ago was a big card trick block with a few borders around it. I won’t show you that one, but I made a wall hanging with four smaller card trick blocks a few years ago, that one I have no problem showing you.

Card Trick Wall Hanging II

Read More

Quilt Show, Black Dress and Applique

Today I went to the Australasian Quilt Convention (AQC) in Melbourne. I looked at a stunning quilt exhibition of quilts made by some very talented people. It was a lot of people so it was almost hard to move during the middle of the day. I listened to a couple of seminars and looked at a lot of cool and beautiful things. I didn’t do much shopping but I plan to go back on Saturday with my daughter. It will definitely be more shopping then. Read More